• What is myNewJersey?
    It's an interface (‘portal’) that lets you use one ID and Password to access many services.
  • Why do I need myNewJersey to use Premier Business Services?
    Premier Business Services will organize the services related to your business or the businesses you represent. myNewJersey is the system that logs you in, or ‘authenticates’ you, to be able to access Premier Business Services.
  • How does myNewJersey help me?
    By organizing all of your services into one place, you won’t have to remember separate account IDs and passwords for each service or for each agency you interact with. You can log in once to gain access to all of your services.
  • Do I have to do this each time?
    No, you only have to request access to Premier Business Services once, and you only have to link it to your myNewJersey account once. Each time you need to use Premier Business Services in the future, just use your myNewJersey ID and password to log in and you'll be taken to your Premier Business Services information. Creating more than one myNewJersey account is unnecessary and will cause confusion for you later.