New Jersey Individual Income Tax
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Check the Status of Your New Jersey Income Tax Refund

Follow the Division:

To follow the progress of your refund, enter your Social Security number and the amount of the refund as listed on your tax return. Then select the appropriate tax year:




Before checking on your refund, wait four weeks from the day you filed an electronic (online) return.

Wait 12 weeks to check your refund if you filed a paper return.

How New Jersey Processes Income Tax Refunds

Beginning in January, we process Individual Income Tax returns daily. This processing includes the following:

    1. Transferring information from the returns to the State's automated processing system;
    2. Ensuring that we transferred the information correctly;
    3. Checking for inconsistencies as well as math and other errors.

Most of the process is automated. Staff members do look at some returns manually to see whether the taxpayer filed income, deductions, and credits correctly.

In some cases, they will send a filer a letter asking for more information. In such cases, New Jersey will not send a refund until the filer responds with the requested information.

Generally, we process returns filed online using our NJ WebFile service or computer software faster than returns filed on paper.

Processing of electronic returns typically takes a minimum of 4 weeks. Processing of paper tax returns typically takes a minimum of 12 weeks.

Returns that require manual processing may take 12 weeks or longer whether the return was filed electronically or on paper.