Electronic Payments w/ Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The State of New Jersey has an ongoing initiative to convert payments made by check to electronic payments via the Automated Clearing House (ACH). The State is making this payment method change for increased efficiency and cost reduction purposes and to provide the advantages of ACH to payment recipients.

An ACH payment is an electronic payment that is credited directly to your bank account on the payment due date. It is reliable, safe and convenient. It provides benefits to both the State and the payment recipient. The State eliminates the costs associated with the paper check system, while the recipient receives the payment in a more timely, convenient and precise manner with reduced processing requirements. ACH offers an immediate cash flow benefit to the recipient; there is no waiting for checks to arrive. In addition, if there is no check, it cannot be lost or stolen, and the trip to the bank to have it cashed or deposited is eliminated.

We believe that you will find ACH a prompt, effective and reliable method for receiving payments. We look forward to your participation in the ACH program. If you have any questions concerning the ACH program or completion of the forms, please contact us at (609) 292-1865.

To sign up, return the completed Application Form to the following address. An original voided check from your bank account must be submitted along with your application.

Mail completed applications to:

Office of Management and Budget

Accounting Bureau

PO Box 221

Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0221