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Help for Jersey Fresh - Wholesale Buyers Guide Search
To search the Jersey Fresh directory, select any combination of search options and then click the Start Search button.
  • All selection criteria is optional. You do not have to make selections for all categories.
  • If you want to display all listings, complete no search options. Just click the Start Search button.

Type: You can restrict results to a single type of business such as roadside stands or pick your own farms. For example, if you select 'Pick Your Own' as Type and then select 'apples' under Commodities, only farms that allow you to pick your own apples will be listed. If you use 'All Types' and select 'apples,' the results will also include roadside stands and community farmers markets that sell apples as well as farms that allow you to pick your own apples.

If you wish to restrict the results to one area of the state, you can select one, two or three counties. Click the down arrow and then click the county of choice.

Business Name:

If you need to look up information about just one specific location, you can restrict results by typing all or part of the business name.

Entering a partial name is the best way to avoid spelling and abbreviation conflicts. For example: Harry T Hatz & Sons is best searched with the entry 'hatz'. For Everitts Fruit Farm & Cider Mill, 'everitt' will be successful, "everitt's" or "everitt's cider mill" will not be successful.

Commodities: You can search for specific commodities or services. This is not a restrictive search like the other search options. If you select more than one commodity and a market only carries one of these commodities, it will still be considered a match. If you check off 'corn' and 'tomatoes,' search results will include businesses that offer corn, or tomatoes, or both corn and tomatoes. They may not necessarily have both commodities.

If no commodities are selected, farms and stands will be included in search results based on other selected search options.

Couldn't find your commodity? Enter a search word:

If you use the "Couldn't find your commodity? Enter a search word: " option, please use a single commodity.

Spelling does count! Remember, corn stalks does not match cornstalks; nor does Xmas tree match Christmas tree. If you aren't sure how a commodity might be listed, try the shortest form first. For example, instead of corn stalks or cornstalks, just try stalks.

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